Industrial Millwright

Featured services

Fabrication and Setting of Equipment

PIC has the ability to fabricate your design at our shop and arrive onsite and install your idea. We have iron workers and saws for fast production and weld booths for assembly.

Augers and Conveyors

PIC has many years of experience in working with a variety of augers and conveyors. We can install, repair, and service most any auger. We service conveyors as needed and will work hand in hand with many belt vulcanizing companies.

Bag Houses

PIC is well versed in servicing bag houses. We can send in a crew and change your bags and cages, repair wear on your structure, and install diffuser screens as needed. Damper repair and air injection is also part of our service.

Flume Systems and Shaker Tables

PIC can install your flume system and your shaker tables in the tightest areas. We use precision alignment and 30 years of experience to complete your jobs.

Platforms & Hand Railing

PIC can build and install your platform and hand railing projects. From design build to custom one off’s we can make it work for you.

Electrostatic Precipitators

PIC can service your EP for replacement parts and wear and tear repair. No EP is too big or to small. We will work on all EP’s.