Industrial Pipe Fitting & Welding

Featured services

X-Ray Quality Welding

Our welders have over 20 years of experience in carbon x-ray quality welding. Welders can pass LA county tests with 6010 & 7018 welding prodedures.

High Pressure Process and Steam Piping

PIC has a R-stamp for pressure vessel repair and power piping. Our welders can handle any pressure piping needs from ½” to unlimited.

Sanitary Piping

PIC offers some of the best sanitary piping welders around. We can run your sanitary lines on a stand alone basis or on a large project install.

Copper and Screwed Piping

PIC can sweat and braze copper lines from 1/”-3” in any situation. We also have 3 pipe threading machines that range in sizes from ½”-3” pipe. We can run screw pipe for air, water, gas, steam, and any other processes you may need.


PIC can provide services for light underground needs. We can trench and install lines as needed for under roadways, walkways, and cross overs.